The development characteristics of Huainan

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The development characteristics of Huainan. The abundant resources have laid a solid foundation for the development of Huainan. Huainan is one of 14 key100-million-ton coal energy industrial bases in China. It has two large coal production enterprises, namely,Huaihe Energy and China Coal Xinji, and six large and super large thermal power generation enterprises. The proven coal reserves are 15.3 billion tons, and the prospective reserves are 44.4 billion tons. The reserves of coalbed methane are 592.8 billion cubic meters, and there are 12 pairs of large mines. Two 1-million volt ultra-high voltage power grids have been built. The thermal power installed capacity reaches14.416 million kilowatts,and 65% of the electricity is sold to the Yangtze River Delta. The three-dimensional transportation network has witnessed the development pace of Huainan. 5 express ways of Beijing-Fuzhou, Hefei-Huainan-Fuyang, Huainan-Bengbu, Jinan-Qimen, and Huainan-Chuzhou, surround the city. One electrified railway Huainan Railway connects Beijing-Shanghai Railway to the east and Beijing-Kowloon Railway to the west. Beijing-Fuzhou High-speed Railway and Shangqiu-Hangzhou High-speed Railway have set four stations in Huainan. The Huaihe River that is about 500 kilometers long runs through Huainan, and thousand-ton cargo ships can sail in the river all year round.  The water diversion project from Yangtze River to Huaihe River and the 3000-ton Huainan Port are under fast construction. The city is only a 40 minutes’ drive to Xinqiao International Airport where direct air routes to major cities across the country, as well as multiple countries such as the United States and Japan are available. The long history has endowed Huainan with a rich heritage. Huainan is the birthplace of tofu, and the production method of tofu originated from Prince Liu An, who ruled the Huainan Kingdom. Traditional production method has been listed in national intangible cultural heritages. Huainanzi is an encyclopedia-like masterpiece that has contributed more than 120 idioms to the Chinese Idiom Dictionary. Anfengtang, is one of the four major water conservancy projects in ancient China, more than 300 years earlier than Dujiangyan Irrigation Project. For that reason, it is known as the “originator of irrigation projects in China”. Ancient City of Shouxian County has a history of over 3000 years and is a national famous city of history and culture. The excellent environment predicts the vast prospects of Huainan. Huainan is endowed with beautiful environment. There are 7 national 4A-level tourist attractions and 3 national forest parks in the city, forming a unique urban ecology. The development environment here is excellent. The city boasts 6 higher education institutions including Anhui University of Science and Technology, 7 national research institutions and key laboratories including the Eighth Institute of China Electronics Technology Corporation (CETC), and more than 40 provincial engineering technology research centers and enterprise technology centers. The city has a workforce of 1.124 million people of right age, with 185000 skilled talents, including 60000 highly skilled talents.