Industrial positioning of Huainan

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(phtot by Zhao Huaiming)

(photo by Chen Haitao)

Industrial positioning of Huainan. Huainan is an important industrial city in Anhui Province, with two pillar industries of coal and electricity, three leading industries of new coal chemical industry, modern equipment manufacturing, and new generation information technology, and five high-growth industries of optoelectronic new energy, modern medicine, green organic agricultural product processing industry, modern service industry, and tourism and cultural industry. “235” core industry pattern has been formed in Huainan. Nowadays, Huainan is striving to build five 10-billion industries, namely, full industrial chain industry of coal, electricity, and gas and big data, special steel, modern equipment manufacturing, new energy vehicles, and coal-based solid waste utilization. Take advantage of coal-fired power resources. Increase the comprehensive utilization of electric heating, extend the coal chemical industry chain, develop the economy of coal mining subsidence areas, and make full use of the coal electricity solid waste resources with an annual output of over 20 million tons. Huaihe Energy and China Coal Xinji established close cooperation with the sector of energy in Yangtze River Delta to promote the construction of projects including Panji Power Plant, Phase IV of Pingwei Power Plant, Datang Tianjia’an Power Plant, Coalbed methane in Xinxie section. The first phase of the integrated project of ZAUCC, with an investment of 26.7 billion yuan, has officially put into operation and the construction of a national comprehensive utilization base for bulk solid waste has officially started construction. Fully utilize data resource. Expand and strengthen the provincial big data industry cluster development base. Accelerate the construction of provincial technology standard innovation bases, and build the National Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone in Yangtze River Delta and the Hefei-Huainan Digital Economy Demonstration Zone. Make the best use of the science and education resource. The state key laboratory supported by province and ministry and National University Clean Energy Science and Technology Park of Anhui University of Science and Technology are being orderly promoted. The city is accelerating the construction of research platforms such as the Fiber Optic Sensing Engineering Laboratory of the Eighth Institute of CETC. Focusing on the integration of government, industry, academia, research, application,and financing, the city strives to build a technological enterprise incubator. Highlight cultural resources. Promote the creation of national 5A-level tourist attractions in an integrated manner. Deeply tap the cultural resources, promote the protection and inheritance of industrial heritage in old industrial bases, and build important cultural tourism destinations and tourism healthcare resorts for the tourists in the Yangtze River Delta.