Huainan Normal University

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Huainan Normal University is a full-time undergraduate university in Anhui Province, formerly known as Huainan Normal College. It was founded in 1958, ceased in 1962, and resumed in March 1978. In 1999, Huainan Normal College, Huainan Education College (established in 1978), and Huainan Normal School (established in 1952) merged to form the new Huainan Normal College. In 2000, the Ministry of Education approved the upgrade of Huainan Normal College to a undergraduate level Huainan Normal University.

The university successfully passed the undergraduate teaching level evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education in 2007. In 2009, it was approved as a provincial-level project construction unit for master's degree among the newly established undergraduate university in Anhui Province. In 2018, it underwent the undergraduate teaching work review and evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education. In 2021, two majors of English and biological were incorporated into the first batch of undergraduate enrollment in ordinary universities. Currently, there are 20 majors incorporated into the first batch of undergraduate enrollment including nine teacher training majors, including English, biological science, mathematics and applied mathematics, chemistry, Chinese language and literature, education for primary school, ideological and political education, physics, and preschool education and 11 non-teacher training majors of computer science and technology, electrical engineering and automation, electronic information engineering, law, social work, accounting, financial management, automation, software engineering, e-commerce, and international economics and trade.

At present, the university has two campuses, covering an area of 778000 square meters with a total floor area of 580000 square meters. The total value of teaching and research instruments and equipment is 259 million yuan, and the library has a collection of 1.43 million books and 1.78 million electronic books and magazines.

There are 15 schools, including the School of Education, School of Economics and Management, School of Electronic Engineering, School of Creative Culture and Communication, School of Biological Engineering, School of Chemical and Materials Engineering, School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, School of Finance, School of Computer Science, School of Foreign Languages, School of Law, School of Marxism, School of Sport and Physical Education, School of Fine Arts and Design, and School of Music. There are 55 undergraduate majors for recruitment and over 20000 full-time students in the university.

Currently, there are over 1200 in-service faculty including 998 full-time teachers. Among them , 338 have senior professional titles and 852 have doctoral and master's degrees. The university boasts 2 academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province, 2 leading talents supported by Anhui Special Support Plan, 3 reserve candidates for academic and technical leaders in Anhui Province, 4 national excellent teachers, 1 provincial model teacher, 14 provincial excellent teachers, 18 provincial famous teachers and 34 provincial new star teachers.

The university has built increasingly frequent exchange and cooperation relationship with foreign countries or outside mainland. It has established exchanges with universities or educational institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, South Korea, Singapore, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, and has carried out flexible and diverse cultural exchanges and student exchange activities with domestic and foreign universities.