The Third Huainan Transformation and Development Conference convenes

Updated:2024-04-07 09:27 Source:Huainan Daily Hits:
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Spring blooms cannot be contained, precisely the most beautiful time in Huainan. On the morning of March 30th, the Third Huainan Transformation and Development Conference, hosted by the Huainan Municipal Committee and the Municipal People's Government, was held at the Huainan State Guest Hotel. Focusing on the theme of "integration and high quality", the attending leaders, experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs gathered together to discuss a new vision for cooperation and seek common development for a new future .

In recent years, Hefei and Huainan have thoroughly implemented General Secretary Xi Jinping's important discourse on regional coordinated development and important instructions on Anhui's work. The two cities have earnestly implemented the work deployment of the Provincial Party  Committee and the Provincial Government, jointly promoting the high-quality development of the Hefei-Huainan urban integration. They have obtained a number of important achievements: the introduction of landmark projects, the construction of key infrastructure, and the initial establishment of cooperation zones, all of which have significantly facilitated the high-quality integrated development of the Hefei metropolitan area.

It was a grand event of shared opportunities, collaborative discussions, and joint development. At the event, attendees watched the development promotional video "2023 in Huainan". A number of cooperation agreements were signed, including a strategic cooperation agreement and the "Kunpeng Plan" cooperation agreement between the Huainan Municipal Government and the University of Science and Technology of China. (Kunpeng Plan cooperation agreement is an agreement on the transformation from university-locality collaboration achievements to municipal-university special achievements.) Additionally, the Huainan Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation , and a strategic cooperation framework agreement for promoting the high-quality development of the green food industry in Huainan with the Institute of Food Science and Technology. Moreover, the Huainan Municipal Government signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Anhui Xinhua Distribution (Group) Holding Co., Ltd.

It was also an important meeting for  investment promotion, centralized signing, and empowering development. During the meeting, the Huainan Investment Promotion Bureau introduced investment and development opportunities in Huainan, and held a ceremony for the centralized signing of projects. 58 projects were signed with a total investment of 63.006 billion yuan, involving multiple industries including new energy vehicles and components, advanced photovoltaics and new energy storage, new materials, high-end equipment manufacturing, green food, new generation information technology, and life and health. These projects will undoubtedly empower and invigorate Huainan's high-quality transformation and development.