Establishing "AUST Wisdom Valley" as a New Highland for Technological Innovation and Development

Updated:2024-06-17 09:14 Source:Huainan Daily Hits:
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It is vital for Huainan to prioritize innovation as the leading force driving development, place scientific and technological innovation at the core of overall development and vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy to achieve high-quality development.

Recently, the Huainan Municipal Government Information Office held a press conference to introduce the overall considerations, drafting process, and main content of the "Implementation Plan for the Construction of the 'AUST Wisdom Valley' Technological Innovation Industrial Functional Zone."

In 2023, Anhui University of Science and Technology Science Park, as one of the first batch of provincial-level university science parks in Anhui Province, had 55 incubated companies, with a revenue of 56 million yuan and taxes paid amounting to 1.95 million yuan. It possesses 9 invention patents, 46 utility model patents, and 77 software copyrights. Additionally,17 companies are recognized as national tech-based SMEs, and 1 company has been awarded as the national high-tech enterprise.  Among the talents in the park's enterprises, nearly 80% have master's or doctoral degrees, and close to 40% are returnees from overseas.

Currently, "AUST Wisdom Valley" boasts major institutions such as Anhui University of Science and Technology, the National Key Laboratory of Deep Coal Mining and Environmental Protection, Huainan New Energy Research Center, and the Huainan Atmospheric Physics Institute, Chinese Academy of Sciences. It also has national and provincial incubation platforms like Anhui University of Science and Technology Science Park, Huainan Public Service Center for Technological Innovation, and Huainan Dengling Tech Enterprise Incubator. The valley is set to develop and construct four major functional zones.

By 2035, "AUST Wisdom Valley"  will be one of the leading innovation centers in the province, characterized by the highest concentration of innovation resources, the strongest innovation vitality, the most dynamic institutional mechanisms, and the most favorable environment for innovation and entrepreneurship. At the same time, the Valley will be propelled to be a nationally influential hub for technological innovation and a gathering place for emerging industries.